Welcome to Little Sprout's Village

Give your child the gift of nature.  The natural world provides an excellent environment in which children can learn, explore and grow while getting exercise and fresh air.

Little Sprout's Village, founded in 2010, provides nature, gardening and cooking classes to children ages 2-8 throughout Chester County in Southeastern Pennsylvania.  Our programs are developed by a teacher and nature lover, dedicated to engaging children in hands-on explorations and exciting adventures. Classes are small, educational and most of all fun!

Can't fit a class into your schedule? No problem! Check out our Story & Activity Kits for you to do at home with your child. Available on our blog at www.entangledharmony.com.

Spring Classes

As Spring comes alive and shows off its vibrant colors, we invite you to join us as we explore how nature changes in our backyards, the garden and on the farm. Our small classes are the perfect opportunity to shake off the winter blues and soak up some sun, all while learning and having fun.




spring classes for children


My sons were enrolled in the 'Fall Into a Feast' class at Little Sprout's Village. Noreen always had something very fun, creative and educational scheduled. They might make apple butter or design a creative mask using only found objects from the outdoors. They might be learning about gardening or making suet birdfeeders. The majority of the classes were held outdoors in beautiful fall weather. I felt great knowing that they were getting fresh air, having a blast and learning all at the same time. I would definitely recommend signing your kid(s) up for a class at Little Sprout's Village!

Leslie Simboli
Nov 23, 2010